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DWRS all-round cleaner is a highly effective, mild and biodegradable solution for deep cleaning of all natural and synthetic absorbent materials, as well as leather. The high-quality ingredients penetrate deep into the fibers and ensure unparalleled removal of dirt and stains.
How to use?
1.Shake before use.
2.Remove all dirt first.
3.Moisten a clean brush with lukewarm water.
4.Apply several sprays of the cleaner to the brush.
5.Scrub the surface to be cleaned to create a thick foam.
6.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
7.Repeat the previous steps if necessary.
8.Let dry for 24 hours at room temperature.
The DWRS all-round cleaner remains active deep in the fibers during this time. Test in advance on a non-visible surface. Finally, always clean the entire surface to prevent color differences after drying.
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